Stealth Monky London Sticker

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DETAILS – Stealth Monky London die cut sticker finished in black / dark grey matte satin plastic vinyl for that discreet touch of class!!

Matte satin finish is not only lush in feel but also reflects less light at day & night for the ultimate in sleeper pimpness!

Features stealth black / dark grey classic Monky London calligraphic logo!

Super stealth sick qualities, yeah boi!

STICKER SIZE – Approx 14cm x 11cm

HIGH QUALITY – Die cut from plastic vinyl our stickers/decals are super high quality and ultra-durable! Built with 3-5 years of weatherproofing in mind, everything from UV on sunny days, rain, storms & John!

ATTENTION TO DETAIL – All our designs are professionally hand drawn by a small selection of awesome artists, this ain’t no MS paint shiz yo! When you buy a ML decal, not only are they sick to look at, but you can rest assured that loads of hours / days / brain powerz have gone into making it next level for you! 

MONKY LONDON THE WORLD – Make everyone envious by giving your car, van, truck, bike, phone, luggage, helmet, computer, skateboard, fridge, window the Monky London look! Stand out from the crowd and add 5hp while you’re at it, sick!